Hi everyone - In my last post, I informed you of my intentions to increase the dosage on the serratiopeptidase, to see if it would make a significant difference in pain management for me. Well, I am happy to report the results are even better than I anticipated!

Since my last post - not quite a month ago - I started taking 40,000 i.u. (40 mg.) of serrapeptase two to three times per day. This is at least double the dose I was taking previously (20 mg. X 2/day.) I have experienced noticeable reduction in both lower back pain and headaches, as well as muscle aches and soreness due to exercise, etc. And yes, all this pain relief with no side effects whatsoever!

Now, I've no doubt the skeptics/cynics out there are saying, "Sure, he just wants us to take more of the stuff so that we have to buy more of it." If this is your thinking, I can certainly understand. But listen folks, I'm just telling you what's working for me. What's more, I am one who - despite the fact that I do take a lot of nutritional supplements, including vitamins, herbs, and other enzymes besides the serratiopeptidase - is very cautious about whatever I put in my body.

What I'm saying is, it was only after my research had convinced me that doubling my serrapeptase dosage was the safe and prudent thing to do, did I decide to do so. And had I experienced any negative side effects whatsoever, I would have immediately gone back to my earlier regimen, or ceased taking it for a time altogether. But this has not been the case; as I've stated, quite the contrary. I'm experiencing nothing but positive effects from this increase in dosage, and nothing at all as far as downside.

So, in conclusion let me be perfectly clear: You need to do what is right for you - that includes whatever you think is best health-wise, financially, etc. In other words, if it just isn't feasible for you to increase your dosage - or to even buy serratiopeptidase in the first place ... don't! I'm not here to twist your arm, or to try and convince you to do anything you're not entirely comfortable doing. At the risk of being redundant, I'm only reporting what's working for me.

A couple of quick final notes: The first draft of my serrapeptase book is nearly completed, at which point some touch-up and final editing will be done, and I fully expect to have it available very soon. I won't give an actual time frame, so as to not disappoint anyone (should there be any unforeseen delays) but suffice to say I don't anticipate it being much longer at all.

Lastly, Physician Formulas still has their serratiopeptidase on sale at the same incredible price (I really can't believe they've extended that great low price this long!) So, if you haven't purchased any yet, or you'd like to stock up while you can still get this rock-bottom price on top-quality serrapeptase, I'd encourage you to do so right away.

Be well, and talk to you soon!