Just a quick update ... I'm still taking 80, and sometimes as much as 120 mg. per day of serrapeptase, and it continues to be a big help in my battle with pain and inflammation. This is not a cure-all - and I have my off days - but for the most part, this astounding enzyme is the best thing I've found for day-to-day pain management. I had a couple days recently where I had some worse than normal back pain, and a headache to boot. However, I'm convinced that the serratiopeptidase helped not only in lessening the severity, but the duration of the discomfort as well.

The fact that there are no know side effects makes it far preferable to even so-called "harmless" over-the-counter pain meds. Besides that, it works better than those drugs! And, by the way, it has also helped me with my sinus problems - which is important particularly in the dry climate here where I live.

I do want to remind you that Physician Formulas still (yes, still!) has their serratiopeptidase on sale. They've had it at this price for quite a while now, but I wouldn't assume that it will continue indefinitely. So I encourage you - once again - to stock up at this incredible price.

Be well, all - talk soon!