I've not posted anything for a while, everyone - mainly because there hasn't been a whole lot new to report ... which is a good thing! I'm still on the same dosage as before, and of all the systemic enzymes, I'm still convinced serrapeptase is the most "all-purpose," if you will.

The longer I'm on this dosage and schedule - 40 mg. twice daily - the more it seems to help. Back pain, muscle aches and headaches are all minimal ... sinuses are pretty typical for this time of year; that is, drier mainly due to the climate in the winter time here. But I'm convinced the serratiopeptidase keeps the sinusitis at bay more than any drugs or "medicine" could or would.

Also: The book, which I promised some time ago, is still in the works, and I promise you'll be the first to know when it's complete. (I've been sidetracked a bit lately, but wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten my promise.) One other reason it's taking a bit longer is that I decided to expand it to cover not only serrapetase but other systemic enzymes as well. I won't comment further, other than to say we're really excited about the additional material, and I think you will be too.

Lastly, head over to Physician Formulas for top-quality serratiopeptidase, if you haven't already done so (or even if you have - great time to stock up before winter hits full force!) Until next time, be well, and talk soon.