It's been so long since I've posted here, I'm a little embarrassed to be doing this after all this time. I can tell from tracking things that I still have a faithful following, and for that - and much else - I am so grateful.

Just want to report that all is well on the health front; staying diligent with my supplement regimen, and it's still working! Hope the same is true for all of you. One last VERY important comment - more of a strong request:

Whoever it is that's spamming this blog with all kinds of weird posts - you know who you are, the Nike Air guy (also uses "coach store" etc. as usernames) - please stop, or I'll have to ban you from the site. If you're going to post here, please keep it relevant - that is, pertinent to the topic - whether it's enzymes or supplements, (or even general health I suppose would be acceptable).

Thanks to one and all for observing this, and other blog etiquette. Best of health to you all in 2011!